Add Retaining Walls For More Depth In Your Landscaping Project

We are a local Belfast based Retaining Wall Contractor which operates throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland. We can manage the entire process of constructing retaining walls in your garden from start to finish & answer all the questions you have such as "How much does it cost to build a retaining wall in Belfast?"

Why do you need retaining walls in your garden?

As a well respected landscaping company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we want to give you an idea for the benefits there are to adding retaining walls to your gardens landscape.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers when they are considering having a garden area fenced off such as; why do I need a retaining wall? What materials can I use for a retaining wall? How much will it cost to build a retaining wall? Do I need to maintain a retaining wall and also do I need planning permission to build a retaining wall?

  • Provides Structural Support & Stability

  • Can Make Use of Uneven Space In Your Outdoor Area

  • Protects Your Garden From Soil Erosion & Instability

    How much will it cost to build retaining walls in my garden?

    Every outdoor space is completely unique in its own way that we work on throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland, there are a lot of variables to check when providing a quote to build a retaining wall. Take a look at some of the factors below, if you would like a quote for a retaining wall build on your properties outdoor area, book a consultation & one of our team will happily help you through the thought process.

    To get the most accurate & up to date price on what it will cost to get a retaining wall built on your properties outdoor space, book a 1-1 consultation with our team and we will come to start the quote process.

    ✓ Wall Height & Depth - This will heavily influence the amount of materials used.
    ✓ Existing Site Conditions - Is the site sloped or more difficult to build on?
    ✓ Finish and Aesthetics - Would you like your wall rendered or left brick?

    Frequently Asked Questions for Building a Retaining Wall

    1Why Do I Need To Build a Retaining Wall In My Garden?
    The common reasons to build a retaining wall in any landscaping project may include anything from erosion control, creating level areas on slopes, preventing soil movement, to even just adding visual appeal to the landscape. Book a consultation with us & we will help you decide on what the best way to approach your achieved outcome will be.
    2What Materials Should I Use To Build a Retaining Wall?
    This is a decision which is somewhat left to you and the conditions we are working with. The first consideration to take into thought would be your aesthetic desires - how would you like the wall to look? After this, we need to decide on whether the materials required to make that outcome happen are up to the job of what we need for your project such as stability.
    3How Long Will It Take To Build a Retaining Wall?
    The time it will take us to build your retaining wall will vary depending on a project by project basis however, we will identify a timeline after our 1-1 design consultation which will be a great guideline for how long the project will take and what milestones we should achieve by when.
    4How Much Does It Cost To Build A Retaining Wall?
    The price of your retaining wall build will depend on a few things such as; the current site conditions (such as the soil, is the area sloped etc) & the materials you decide to use in the build. We will provide you with a quote following our design consultation.
    5Can We See Your Past Retaining Wall Jobs?
    You can absolutely see how much pride we take in our previous projects by visiting the portfolio page of our website or take a look at some of the action we've been up to most lately on our Instagram Profile - Greenscape NI