We Will Walk You Through The Entire Landscaping Design Process

We are a local Belfast based Landscaping Company which operates throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland.

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In order to get the ball rolling on your dream out-door space, we need to call out for a chat.

Our increased recognition for passion fueled functional design & aesthetic flair means in order to maintain the genuine quality that's brought us here today, we have to work exclusively with clients who book with us online.

Accounting for our clients prospective combined with our experience promises to add value to the finished project in terms of use of the space & property value.

Our Design Consultation Includes;

✔ Site Visit & Measure Up Service
✔ Discussion on your specific needs, your vision for the area & advice on what's possible.
✔ Material & Layout Recommendations
✔ Planting recommendations tailored to your individual tastes & the surrounding environment
✔ C.A.D scale outline of area & idea generations. Idea rough brain storm.
✔ Cost Guidelines
✔ Potential Maintenance Factors Explained


Design Packages

This is where it gets exciting. Based on the consultation, brain storming, rough sketching, mood boards & discussion, we can help our clients visualise their finished project before a single tool has arrived on site.

Design costs start from £480 + VAT & include a wide range of variety to ensure you can fully visualise your end project including;

✓ 3D Scale Design Including Level Variations And Access From The House & Other Access Points Around The Property.
✓ Photo Realistic Materials Applied To Help With Material Choice.
✓ Day & Night Renders Available To Illustrate Lighting Proposals.
✓ Full Installations & Build Costs For Each Design Element.
✓ Material Specifications & Alternative Options Available.
✓ We Can Supply Blue Prints Including Exploded Drawings Showing All Dimensions & Quantities Which Is Handy If You Only Wish To Avail Of Our Design Service & Wish To Use Another Contractor For Contstruction.

Previous Design Renders & Finished Project


We understand the importance of a schedule & sticking to it. All of our designs come with a schedule of works & payments. They also come with things that may affect the schedule which for ourselves in this country, is more than likely the weather.

 We will always provide information on elements of your project which will be affected by the weather which may either bring forward or post-pone them during the construction process.

The reason for mentioning any possible factors affecting schedule is we like to stay as transparent as possible with our clients which is also applicable to our pricing structure.

Quotations are broken down into individual elements & a schedule of deposits & balances payable of exactly how much & when to allow our clients to prepare along with have peace of mind from start to finish.


"You have to break an egg to make an ommelette" - indeed...however we understand that this particular omelette is going to have to be better than what you're expecting and let's not let any egg stray from the pan!

We understand that for our clients, a dream garden shouldn't come at the cost of living on a total building site for a prolonged period of time. We implement a "Best Practice" approach to every individual element of the construction process.

From any excavation work to cutting & building, we aim to stream line with a kaizen approach. Starting from ensuring a tidy job site with regard to the existing environment, structures & neighbours we don't want any process to take longer or create more fuss than is absolutely necessary.

We also believe in timeless design built strong & finished to a high standard offering a longevity to value.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with trustworth & high quality subcontractors, service providers & suppliers to ensure a team our clients can trust with their home.


We have focused on building strong relationships with suppliers who have stood the test of time with ourselves in order to be able to confidently source the materials needed for your job.

We also focus on supporting local suppliers who meet the standards demanded to offer a premium level of service to the final customer. 

Materials responsibly sourced from sustainable sources from all over the world including stone & specialist hardwoods.

We specifically trust a small number of suppliers to procure the materials ready in whichever format required which can vary vastly between styles of the same raw material.

Our supply chain is among the best in the UK for bespoke stone and hardwood.

In addition we have relationships with knowledgeable & trustworthy providers of various other hardware such as electrical, salvage, technical mortars, adhesives & concrete. 

These relationships haven't been formed with just anyone who sells the product but time proven partners in the industry.

Cost Guide

Without a measure up, design & quotes it's hard to know how much a project can cost and what to budget for.

We also don't want to charge you for a design just to find that out.

So to be transparent, here is a selection of some of the most popular jobs featured on our Instagram and the price ranges they fall into.

We haven't published exact prices as factors including but not limited to materials, planting & access all affect prices and this serves as a guide only.

Hopefully this helps you decide which steps to take towards your dream out door space.

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How much will landscaping cost Belfast

This landscaping project cost approximately £30k-£35k

Landscaping Cost Belfast

This project located in Dundonald cost approximately £5k-£7k

Landscaping Cost NI

This project located in Hillhall, Lisburn cost approximately £20k-£25k

Cost to Get Landscaping NI

This project located nearby to We Are Vertigo in Belfast cost approximately £22k-£27k

Best Landscaping Company Northern Ireland

This project located near Sketrick Island cost approximately £7k-£9k

Garden pergola made from cedar and steel. The pergola is on a Porcelain patio with cedar fencing and raised beds. The whole job is a contemporary style

This project located in Lisburn cost approximately £25k-£30k

Landscaping Bangor County down

This project located in Ballyhackamore in East Belfast cost approximately £9k-£11k

Landscapers Belfast

This project located in Comber cost approximately £10k-£12k


Nothing of value is really going to last with zero maintenance. We can certainly work towards extremely low maintenance but maintenance in anything is always going to be required to keep it at its best for the life of it.

During the design process, we will highlight any elements that once in place, will require maintenance. At this stage, we will advise on how often any maintenance needs to be carried out in order to preserve the installed scheme elements for the longest possible life while maintaining a quality finish.

We offer a range of maintenance services tailored to suit our clients requirements. If a certain maintenance factor is not covered by ourselves, we always have a trusted and time proven sub contractor to use or recommend to our clients.

Our main maintenance speciality is hedge cutting of which we are seriously proud of the hedges we are trusted with the up keep of.