Protect Your Properties Outdoor Areas By Pressure Washing Away Dirt & Bacteria

We are a local Belfast based Landscaping company which operates throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland. We offer pressure washing services on a regular basis so that your property will always look fantastic & be protected from dirt & bacteria.

Why should you get your garden pressure washed?

As a well respected landscaping company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we want to give you an idea for the benefits there are to maintaining your garden and exterior areas appearance with pressure washing services.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers when they are considering having an outdoor area paved such as; what chemicals will you use to clean my garden when pressure washing? How long will it take to have my garden pressure washed and also do you offer regular pressure washing packages?

  • Removes Dirt & Grime

  • Protects Against Damage

  • Improves Health & Safety

    How much will it cost to have my garden pressure washed?

    Every customer's exterior areas and pressure washing requirements vary greatly and it is essential that we get a better idea of what exactly we will be working with & what there is to do in the job. To get an idea on costs associated with pressure washing in Belfast, book a 1-1 design consultation.

    To get the most accurate & up to date price on what it will cost to get your garden pressure washed, book a 1-1 consultation with our team and we will come to start the quote process.

    ✓ Size of Area - How big or small is the area of hedges to be trimmed?
    ✓ Bespoke Requirements - Do you have any needs which will add to the project?
    ✓ Complexity of the Project - Will we need any additional work beforehand?

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pressure Washing Service

    1What Chemicals Do You Use When Pressure Washing My Garden?
    The type of chemicals we use during the process of pressure washing your garden is completely dependent on the current circumstances of the garden & your desired outcome - to give you an idea of this, the chemicals we use to provide a full deep clean & uplift on flagstones will not be the same chemical used during regular pressure washing cleaning.
    2How Long Will It Take To Have My Garden Pressure Washed?
    We endeavour to work as quickly as possible while still producing a 10/10 job for our clients. The time it takes for us to pressure wash your exterior areas will vary depending on how large the space is & the work required to achieve the desired outcome.
    3Do You Offer Regular Pressure Washing Packages?
    Absolutely. If you would like to get a regular maintenance package for our pressure washing service arranged, please contact us and we will have that plan set in place.