Maintain Your Properties Exterior Appearance With Regular Hedge Cutting Services

We are a local Belfast based Landscaping company which operates throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland. We offer regular hedge trimming & maintenance packages on a regular basis so that your properties exterior appeal will always be fantastic.

Why should you get your hedges regularly trimmed?

As a well respected landscaping company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we want to give you an idea for the benefits there are to maintaining your garden and exterior areas appearance with regular hedge maintenance.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers when they are considering having an outdoor area paved such as; can you maintain the look of my existing hedges? When is the best time to trim the hedges and how much will hedge trimming cost in Belfast?

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

  • Promotes Better Plant Health

  • You Select The Shape

    How much will it cost to have my hedges cut?

    Every customer's garden and hedge trimming requirements vary greatly and it is essential that we get a better idea of what exactly we will be working with & what there is to do in the job. To get an idea on costs associated with hedge trimming in Belfast, book a 1-1 design consultation.

    To get the most accurate & up to date price on what it will cost to get your hedges trimmed, book a 1-1 consultation with our team and we will come to start the quote process.

    ✓ Size of Area - How big or small is the area of hedges to be trimmed?
    ✓ Bespoke Requirements - Do you have any needs which will add to the project?
    ✓ Complexity of the Project - Will we need any additional work beforehand?

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hedge Cutting Service

    1Can You Maintain The Look Of My Existing Hedges?
    Yes, we can absolutely maintain the existing shape and look of your hedges and will be able to address this all with you in a 1-1 design consultation with our team.
    2When Is The Best Time To Trim The Hedges?
    Choosing the right time to trim your hedges is very dependent as certain types of plant will grow at better rates during different times of year - if you are unsure of what kind of plants you have in your hedge, book a 1-1 design consultation with us and we will inform you of your species and best time of year to trim your hedges.
    3How Much Will Hedge Trimming Cost in Belfast?
    The costs of having your hedges trimmed will vary depending on a number of factors such as; size of area, bespoke requirements (if any) & the complexity of the job. If you would like a quote for hedge trimming in Belfast, please book a 1-1 design consultation with our team.