Hire a Digger and Driver in Belfast for your project

We have a range of mini diggers, dumpers and attachments available. We supply machines with competent operator complete with laser levels in order to get your job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also deliver across Belfast, Down and Antrim.

What size of digger do I need for my project?

We can advise on the size of machine required for your job. We have a micro digger, small but mighty for limited access jobs, a 3t machine for larger domestic work and a 13t for areas where there is plenty of space and extra power required. We also have a tracked dumper, a 3t dumper and a 9t dumper.

All machinery is within 5 years old and routinely serviced so you can rest assured there is very little chance of breakdowns.

We are also fully insured with our experienmced operators.

  • Hiring Expert Equipment & Knowledge

  • Can Operate In Tight & Difficult Spaces

  • We Have Experienced Digger Operators

    How much does it cost to hire a digger and driver?

    We provide free of charge quotations on digger and driver work. To get a price please contact us on 07955546012. We will ask for an address and possibly a few photographs to be whatsapped across to help you get a price and a machine to site as quickly as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Digger & Driver Rental

    1How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Digger and Driver?
    The cost to rent a digger will vary depending on a few different circumstances which include; How long do you need the digger for? What do you require the digger for? What size of digger will be required to do that kind of job? We will work with you to decide on all of the above to provide you with a quote.
    2What Size of Digger Do I Need?
    We will work with you to decide what size of digger will best match your requirements. We need to take into consideration the following; transport to the site, access into the site, available turning space on site and the kind of work/weight the digger is required to move.
    3Are Your Diggers & Drivers Insured?
    Yes, both our diggers and our drivers are fully insured for all works carried out on-site while working at your property.
    4What Kind of Work Can The Digger and Driver Do?
    With a comprehensive range of attachments such as breakers, augers, grabs and rake buckets our machines are as versatile as a swiss army knife.
    5How Long Can I Rent The Digger and Driver For?
    There is no real time limit on hire however we will do our best to ensure you have the machine for a little amount of time as possible to stop you from over paying!