Secure Your Garden in Style With Our Range Of Fencing Options

We are a local Belfast based Fencing Installation Company which operates throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland. We can manage the entire process of fencing your garden from start to finish & answer all the questions you have such as "How much does it cost for fencing in Belfast?"

Why do you need fencing for your garden areas?

As a well respected landscaping company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we want to give you an idea for the benefits there are to adding fencing around your garden areas.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers when they are considering having a garden area fenced off such as; what are the benefits to installing fencing? What fencing material should I pick? How high can my fence be in Northern Ireland and also how much will it cost for my gardens fencing?

  • Adds Security & Privacy

  • Define Your Homes Boundary

  • Safer For Children & Pets

    How much will fencing cost for my garden area?

    Every outdoor space is completely unique in its own way that we work on throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland, there are a lot of variables to check when providing a quote for fencing installation. Take a look at some of the factors below, if you would like a quote to get fencing around an outdoor area, book a consultation & one of our team will happily help you through the thought process.

    To get the most accurate & up to date price on what it will cost to get fencing throughout an outdoor area, book a 1-1 consultation with our team and we will come to start the quote process.

    ✓ Size of the Area - This will be a major pricing factor for your fencing job.
    ✓ Terrain & Soil Conditions - Will additional groundworks be required?
    ✓ Gates & Additional Features - Is there going to be any unexpected additions?

    Frequently Asked Questions for Fencing Garden Space

    1What Are The Benefits of Adding Fencing To My Garden?
    Adding fencing to your garden brings numerous benefits including; it is much safer for children & pets by creating a secure environment, it adds security & privacy to your home, fencing may add additional property value + curb appeal and you may even benefit by defining your properties boundary in a clearer way.
    2What Fencing Material Should I Pick?
    We will help you decide on which fencing material would suit best for the type of outcome you are desiring. From our initial consultation, we will work to design a garden & fencing area which meets all your requirements as a client. To chat more about which style of fencing would be best for your garden, book a 1-1 design consultation with our team today.
    3How Long Will The Fencing Project Take?
    Depending on the size of the project, availability of materials & our on-going commitments, we aim to complete fencing projects within anywhere from a couple of days to weeks depending on the size, scale & complexity of the project. Before we start, we will give you an indication of timelines during our initial design consultation.
    4How Much Will The Fencing Project Cost?
    The cost for fencing around your outdoor garden space in Belfast or Northern Ireland can vary greatly from price to price & it is important that we nail down a number of factors such as; complexity of project, material choice & also the overall size of your area to be paved. To get an accurate quote on what it will cost to have an outdoor area paved, book a 1-1 consultation with us.
    5Can We See Your Past Fencing Jobs?
    You can absolutely see how much pride we take in our previous projects by visiting the portfolio page of our website or take a look at some of the action we've been up to most lately on our Instagram Profile - Greenscape NI