Elevate Your Gardens Natural Features With Planting Services by Greenscape

We are a local Belfast based Soft Landscaping company which operates throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland. We can manage the entire process of paving your walkways from start to finish & answer all the questions you have such as "How much does paving cost in Belfast?"

Why should you get our experts for planting your garden?

As a well respected landscaping company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we want to give you an idea for the benefits there are to getting your outdoor garden spaces taken care of by professionals.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers when they are considering having an outdoor area paved such as; what are the best plants and flowers to plant? How much maintenance will the plants take? Can you build me a planting area? How can I book in for planting and how much will planting my garden cost?

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

  • Bespoke To Your Property

  • Custom Selection Tailored To You

    How much will planting my garden cost?

    Every outdoor space is completely unique in its own way that we work on throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland, there are a lot of variables to check when providing a quote for our bespoke planting service. Take a look at some of the factors below, if you would like a quote to get our team planting around an outdoor area, book a consultation & one of our team will happily help you through the thought process.

    To get the most accurate & up to date price on what it will cost to get planting throughout an outdoor area, book a 1-1 consultation with our team and we will come to start the quote process.

    ✓ Planting Location - Are we going to need to build any new planting areas?
    ✓ Choice of Plants - The quote will be dependent on our selection of plants.
    ✓ Complexity of the Project - Will we need any additional work beforehand?

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Outdoor Planting Service

    1Why Should I Get A Professional For Planting My Garden?
    This is our job & passion - we absolutely love creating unique spaces which can be enjoyed by everyone & a lot of the time, we do this by planting special & unique plants that we have learnt about through our 10+ years of landscaping experience.
    2What Plants Should I Pick For My Garden?
    Choosing the right plants is a very important decision as you want to create the perfect environment for growth & stimulation within your garden. We will work with you to determine the best plants to use in order to achieve your desired outcome aesthetically & functionally.
    3Can You Build Me A Planter Area?
    Absolutely. If you would like to get a quote for our team to build a planting area and also carry out our bespoke planting service, book a 1-1 design consultation with our team and we will begin the quoting process.
    4Can I Book In For Planting?
    Yes. If you would like to receive a quote for our bespoke planting service, please book a 1-1 design consultation with our team and we will begin pricing your job.
    5How Much Will It Cost Planting My Garden?
    The cost of planting your garden is completely project specific and requires us to complete a quote which will consist of; the area to plant, do we need to build plants, will there be enough room, what plants will we use etc.